Chiropractic and Stress

How Chiropractic Techniques Help With Stress Management

Posted: November 11, 2016
By: Apponaug Chiropractor Center

How Chiropractic Techniques Help With Stress Management

Stress is rampant in daily life. There are several types of stress that can be a factor in how well you feel on a daily basis. Physical and mental stresses both cause discomfort in a person’s body. Chiropractic adjustmentscan be just the right relief for these stresses.

At Apponaug Chiropractic Center in Warwick, we use different chiropractic techniques to help you feel your best. Our medical staff, led by Dr. Christopher Caliri, can help offer relief from stresses by using chiropractic adjustment to relax the body and release tension. To find out how we can help you with stress management, contact Apponaug Chiropractic Center today to schedule your consultation.

Mental Stress

Stress shows up in our bodies. When we feel stress, we become tense in different areas. Some people feel stress in their neck or back when life is handing them too much stress. Headaches, backaches and stomach aches can be caused by daily life events.

One of the best ways to release that stress is by a visit to the chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment adjusts tensions that may have settled in the spine, causing pain and disease in other areas of the body. Muscle tension in turn causes other physical problems such as anxiety, insomnia and bowel problems. Once the spine is realigned, balance is restored to the body’s nervous system, and the pain and disease is relieved.

Physical Stress

Some jobs have physical stresses involved. If your job requires physical activity such as being on your feet, walking and lifting, your body will get tired and feel physical stress. Even if your posture is perfect and you follow all the rules of appropriate lifting, the stress of a physical job will wear on you. Eating healthy foods and exercise will help prevent some of the pain involved with strenuous physical activity. But for deep down physical stress relieve, a chiropractic treatment will take care of the sources of your physical distress.

Too Much Sitting

A sedentary job can be just as painful on the body as is the physically active job. Repetitive motions can wear on shoulders, arms and neck. Sitting for long periods of time causes pain in the lower back and spine. Using a computer all day is hard on the shoulders, arms and neck. A chiropractic adjustment will help keep the spine in balance and reduce or eliminate pain from the bodies of people who spend a lot of time sitting at their jobs.

Is Chiropractic Therapy Safe?

Chiropractic adjustments have given people relief from pain for generations. It is a well-respected, time honored way of keeping the body functioning at an optimal level without invasive procedures. Chiropractors gently manipulate the spine to get it back into alignment so the nervous system functions at its best. Medical practitioners frequently recommend chiropractic treatment for their patients with neck, lower back and other chronic pain issues.

What to Expect When You Visit Your Chiropractor

Chiropractic visits usually take about 20 minutes. The first visit may take somewhat longer, since the doctor will be evaluating your condition to decide how best to treat you. He will ask you some questions and may ask you to move your body to determine where the spine is out of alignment. Digital X-rays may also be taken.

After evaluating the situation, the chiropractor will place you on a table either face up or face down. He will gently push on your body to realign your spine. There is no pain during an adjustment, only a feeling of relief. The cracking sound you hear is not the sound of bones popping. It is the sound of gasses being released from between misaligned spinal vertebrae.

How You Will Feel

Many people feel pain relief right away after a chiropractic adjustment. Sometimes the patient is a little stiff or sore the day after an adjustment due to muscles being moved during the procedure. But the pain relief you will feel will encourage you that hope through chiropractic adjustments is just what you need to lessen stress and improve your quality of life.